AGRANA in Brazil

About us

We currently operate one fruit processing plant in Brazil, where we transform premium fruit into top quality fruit preparations. Our production plant is located in close proximity to customers in order to be able to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

AGRANA Fruit in Brazil

Our Production Site

AGRANA Fruit Brazil start up in 2006 in the city of Cabreúva, Sao Paulo.

The Brazilian subsidiary created in 2006, continues fortifying its position in the present and potential markets providing our customers with superior excellence in service and production.

AGRANA Fruit Brazil’s highest priority is providing our clients with world-class service.  We focus our efforts on attaining constant, sustained growth, generating profits for our stockholders through a scheme based on continuous improvement, our clients´ full satisfaction and world-class quality in all of our products and services. To that effect, we have the human and financial resources to face the challenges of an ever evolving market.

All of this conform the AGRANA Fruit Brazil style, in which associates and employees share the satisfaction of serving our clients through teamwork, a sense of urgency, and a strong commitment for service and Quality.



AGRANA Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft is set up to act as the umbrella for the merged Austrian sugar and starch industries; the company operates the three sugar factories in Hohenau, Leopoldsdorf and Tulln, the potato starch factory in Gmünd as well as the maize starch factory in Aschach


Strategic alliance entered into with Germany's Südzucker AG Mannheim | Ochsenfurt, which is Europe's largest sugar enterprise


Entry into the Hungarian sugar industry and acquisition of a stake in Hungary's Hungrana maize starch and isoglucose factory


Stock-exchange launch: 1,500,000 preference shares are listed in the Vienna stock exchange's B-Segment


Entry into the Czech market: takeover of one sugar factory in Hrušovany


Expansion of interests in Hungary: acquisition of Magyar Cukor AG


  • Acquisition of stakes in 4 sugar factories in Romania and 2 sugar factories in Slovakia
  • Acquisition of 2 more sugar factories in the Czech Republic


Purchase of a maize starch factory Tandarei


  • Development of the group's third Segment Fruit with it's operating units AGRANA Juice and AGRANA Fruit
  • Complete takeover of Denmark's Vallø Saft A/S and acquisition of an initial stake in Austria's Steirerobst AG


  • Start of the four-stage acquisition of France's Atys Group (world's leader in fruit preparations)
  • Acquisition of Belgium's Dirafrost (frozen fruit specialities)
  • Acquisition of Germany's Wink Group (fruit juice concentrates).


  • Capital increase to raise additional funds for the continued pursuit of AGRANA's dynamic growth strategy
  • Decision for the construction of a bioethanol plant
  • Acquisition of  DSF-Deutsch-Schweizerische Früchteverarbeitung GmbH based in Constance, Germany
  • AGRANA opens the new fruit preparation plant in Serpuchov (South of Moscow)


  • The reform of  the Sugar Central Market Organisation forces AGRANA to rationalize operations; affected by this rationalization process are the plants in Hohenau | Austria and Rimavska Sobota | Slovakia
  • AGRANA acquires 100 % stake of Steirerobst
  • AGRANA establishes a raw sugar refinery in Brcko | Bosnia Herzegovina jointly with the Bosnian-Austrian company SCO Studen & Co Holding | Vienna as 50 % partner
  • AGRANA acquires a 50 % stake in concentrates manufacturer Xianyang Andre Juice Co. Ltd; the company is located in the province Shaanxi | China
  • AGRANA decided to establish a sales joint venture together with the Bulgarian sugar producer Zaharni Zavodi AD; AGRANA holds a stake of 51 %


  • AGRANA starts operations at new fruit preparations plant in Cabreuva | Brazil.
  • Start of pilot operations at the new bioethanol plant in Pischelsdorf | Lower Austria.


  • AGRANA starts second joint venture for apple juice concentrate in Yongji | Shanxi province | China
  • Start of operations at the bioethanol plant in Pischelsdorf | Lower Austria
  • Commissioning of raw sugar refinery in Brcko | Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Capacity increase at Hungrana's isoglucose and bioethanol plant


AGRANA expands its presence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) with a joint-venture in fruit preparation in Egypt in addition to existing facilities in Turkey and South Africa.


  • Acquisition of 100 % of the shares of Xiangyang Andre Juice Co., Ltd. and the divestment of 50 % of Yongji Andre Juice Co., Ltd.
  • AGRANA opens a production plant for fruit preparations in Johannesburg|South Africa
  • AGRANA inaugurates the second-largest sugar silo in Europe at its sugar factory in Tulln


Merger of AGRANA Juice Holding GmbH and Ybbstaler Fruit Austria GmbH to YBBSTALER AGRANA Juice GmbH 


AGRANA opens wheat starch plant at site in Pischelsdorf (Lower Austria) 


  • AGRANA opens in the USA the fourth production plant for fruit preparations in Lysander|New York
  • Opening of the new AGRANA Research & Innovation Center in Tulln|Lower Austria


AGRANA opens new packaging centre in Kaposvár|HU


Acquisition of 100% of the shares in Main Process S.A., an Argentine producer of fruit preparations


EXPANSION of market position in Asia through the acquisition of the Indian fruit processing plant 'SAIKRUPA Fruit Processing Pvt. Ltd.'


AGRANA Fruit is focused on offering efficiently high quality products to the customers. Hence, we have specific and actualized certifications that guarantee all our internal process. These certifications follow the national requirements for our plant in Brazil: